About Us

Who are we?

We are Robert, Nicole, and Madison Olmstead. We are located in North Randolph Vermont. Robert has been working around hot air balloons on and off since he was 15 years old. Having family members in the hot air balloon industry really helped spark interest in ballooning for Robert. Robert grew up in the Randolph area graduating from Randolph Union High School and attending the Randolph Technical Career Center. Robert met Nicole in college where he introduced her to hot air ballooning. Chasing after hot air balloons soon became a favorite pastime for the two of them and they attended many hot air balloon festivals with Robert’s family. After Robert and Nicole got married they purchased a house in North Randolph VT where they raised their daughter Madison. As a family they continued to be involved in hot air ballooning when time allowed, never losing their passion for the sport. In the fall of 2021, Robert decided it was time to get his pilot's license and they bought their first hot air balloon system and started East Valley Ballooning (EVB). Robert is currently in training for his pilot's license and is looking forward to being able to fly their balloon in the Randolph area and hopes he will be able to help spark a passion for the sport in others. Nicole is the EVB Crew Chief with Madison backing her up as the Assistant Crew Chief. We look forward to meeting more of our neighbors as we fly around the area.

Our Balloon

Our balloon is named "Cotton Candy" is a FireFly 7B 65,000 cubic foot balloon, manufactured by Balloon works and has a FireFly 4.0 basket. Cotton Candy is considered to be a small hot air balloon which limits are ability to have passengers. If you see Cotton Candy flying around feel free to take pictures and share them with us.

Want to Crew?

When we fly we rely on people on the ground to help set up the balloon, chase the balloon and help pack up the balloon. We do not require experience from new crew members and are willing to train anyone who is interested in helping out. All of our flights will either happen early in the morning around sunrise or about 2 hours before sunset. Crewing is completely voluntary and the amount of time you volunteer is completely up to you. The few things we do look for in crew members are the ability to follow directions and the willingness to learn. If you are interested in learning more please fill out our Volunteer Crew Member Form Thanks.